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A cup of Love 

A cup of Love
It looks like a cup …

Ready to be filled with coffee

White chocolate drops and sugar
A way to cuddle after lunch
Little tricks to make something simple to something special.

When a home is full of sweetness a couple goes forward with a smile and positivity and the little things are the ones that make everything better.

Sometimes it’s simpler than what we believe. But in the end Love is not that difficult.
Sembra una tazzina…

Pronta per essere riempita di caffè
Goccioline di cioccolato bianco e zucchero

Un modo per coccolarci dopo pranzo
Piccoli accorgimenti per far diventare qualcosa di semplice a qualcosa di speciale.
Quando una casa è piena di dolcezza una coppia va avanti con un sorriso e con positività e le piccole cose sono quelle che rendono tutto meglio.
A volte è più semplice di quello che crediamo. Ma alla fine L’amore non è così difficile.

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True love is us 

A phrase devoted to us and to all the lovers who follow us.

True love is us or you.
We have already talked about the importance of spending time with your partner several times.

But, in our opinion, it is definitely a very current topic that deserves to be treated always.

Why has the true sense of complicity lost in the couple lost?
Why do things change?
Is simple!

Because we are human we are strongly influenced by working days, friends, passions, in short, everything that surrounds us and “lose” that flame that was at the beginning but to re-adhere to love every day is enough to have good will, Kidding, making surprises, continuing to move forward with love.

Good day to all.