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Su tutte le furie

ma stiamo scherzando???

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Hello friends
do you like the cobwebs

We love them! 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽
Close to our home there are many fields of cobwebs, we must tell the truth; We have eaten some cobwebs and in so many cities around the world, we have our preferences, but we can guarantee that these northern corn cobs are sweet and last for several days in the fridge …  

we advise you to do as we occasionally ( Asking permission) take some and savor a tasty cob in a good company. 

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A great goal, perhaps one of the most important of our lives for now; Buy our home.

There are very big dreams, there are dreams full of hope and there are dreams like ours that are reality… A year and a half ago when we first saw, we never imagined to be here, hand in hand, smiling and weeping together, crossing this adventure called life with love.

Today is a perfect day, today we are in front of a desk with a thousand documents to sign and listen carefully to the words of people who explain us how our life will be from now on, with more economic and moral responsibility, a big challenge. 

A long adventure that is not afraid but that is full of emotions … we are proud of us, we are proud of what life and God have given us, we are proud of our love and the beautiful family we are. 

Our home is a place of love, peace, serenity, smiles, sacrifices, responsibility, maturity, perseverance, goals, dreams, madness, fun, forgiveness, help, listening, motivation, friendship, complicity, family…

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True love is us 

A phrase devoted to us and to all the lovers who follow us.

True love is us or you.
We have already talked about the importance of spending time with your partner several times.

But, in our opinion, it is definitely a very current topic that deserves to be treated always.

Why has the true sense of complicity lost in the couple lost?
Why do things change?
Is simple!

Because we are human we are strongly influenced by working days, friends, passions, in short, everything that surrounds us and “lose” that flame that was at the beginning but to re-adhere to love every day is enough to have good will, Kidding, making surprises, continuing to move forward with love.

Good day to all.

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Follie us
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