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A bike ride

Yesterday I went as usual on a bike, happy to put a few wings to my feet and fly on the asphalt and feel the air on my face with my favorite songs in my ears.

We like nature and stay in the open air, so get ready, go for it …
 for half the journey the landscape ran fast, the sun on the skin, the air in the face, the sweat and the landscape flowing Fast in front of me, they united in a state of general well-being that for a moment let me forget the problems and the tribulations of life, until I heard a CRACK from the pedals …. "what happened?" I wonder … the chain had broken and now it was on the ground !!!

After a moment of losing and a phone call with my girlfriend with whom we make the point of the situation, I hurry to walk by pushing the bike to the nearest train station when "a miracle" happens, a cyclist like Me stops and asks me if There were problems, after explaining to him what happened, he told me 5 unexpected words for me, "calmly fix it right away."

From his tool bag pulls out the solution, 2 "jerseys" replacing the broken ones and the tool to repair the chain, time 10 minutes was all over, feeling embarrassed I told him I did not have the wallet with me to shake and He replied "do not worry, today is touched to you, tomorrow may happen to me, if you do not help between us …" beautiful words that make you think that there are still "angels" in this individualist society And selfish exist, we can improve this society if we think less about ourselves and more about others.



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